Questions to Expect at 341 Meeting of Creditors

Questions to Expect at 341 Meeting of Creditors by a Bankruptcy Attorney

What questions will the trustee ask at the 341 Meeting of Creditors? Our Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys always provide our clients with a shortlist of standard questions. Our bankruptcy attorneys also fully explain potentially new questions regarding their particular bankruptcy. After receiving numerous requests for a list of possible questions asked at the 341 Meeting of Creditors, our bankruptcy law firm decided to write a post on the subject. The sample questions below are samples and may vary depending on your jurisdiction, trustee, and bankruptcy case. If you have a good bankruptcy attorney, many of the questions are not even asked because the bankruptcy petition is thorough and includes everything the Trustee needs to help make a determination.

341 Meeting of Creditors Process

The hearing room is a relatively small room with a capacity of about 50 people. There are approximately 10-15 cases scheduled during a 60-minutes block of time; however, sometimes it may take longer. The Trustee will call the Debtors in each case and ask them a series of questions. Although creditors will be informed of the hearing and are allowed to attend, it is very rare that any actually show up.

Initial Bankruptcy Questions to Expect at 341 Meeting of Creditors

Sample Follow-Up Bankruptcy Questions to Expect at 341 Meeting of Creditors

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